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X-Ray Course
License exam

Complete the Chiropractic Office X-Ray Licensing Program on the job in 6 months!

a. You must be a high school graduate or GED recipient and
b. 18 years of age or older, and
c.  You must be employed by a chiropractor. No exceptions.


1. Enroll
2. Receive and pay the invoice for the program ($725) and books ($200),
3. Books arrive in 10 days, then start the online coursework,
4. Receive your provisional student x-ray permit in the mail within 30 days,
5. Start taking x-rays on the job.

In 3 months, register for a State of Indiana approved licensing exam ($450).  Exams are proctored in chiropractic offices across the State of Indiana.
Questions or new to the program, email us at

No experience necessary